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Your FIRST LINE of DEFENSE against Wildfires within the Santa Monica Mts

About Us

As residents of Topanga Canyon, we know all too well the unique and serious threat that wildfire poses to our communities nestled within the Santa Monica Mountains.


The need for fire protection on our own property and the challenges we encountered along the way lead us to see the wider need within our community for a full-service provider who not only offers products sales, but a complete, turnkey solution to help home owners & businesses within the Santa Monica Mountains, including System Design, System Installation & System Maintenance services.

We're passionate about our work because we understand first-hand the risks & dangers we face in order to live within the raw beauty and nature of the Santa Monica Mts. and we know that the more of our neighbors that we can onboard with our systems, the better chance we all have of saving our homes, our neighborhoods and our communities when wildfire inevitably ends up on our doorsteps.

Our experienced team of designers & installers have years of know-how living & working within the Santa Monica Mountains and we understand the unique challenges, that you as a homeowner or property owner face. 

Additionally, our systems are manufactured here in California, USA by Code3, so you can be confident that they're made with quality & love - and that if anything ever does go wrong, you can be sure that a solution is just a stone's throw away.

At this time, we only service clients within the Santa Monica Mountain range, located in the following communities: 

• Topanga   • Malibu   • Thousand Oaks   • Calabasas   • Monte Nido

• Cornell   • Hidden Valley   • Tarzana   • Pacific Palisades

However, if your property is located outside of our service coverage area, don't fret! We may still be able to assist or advise you in the purchase, design & installation of a system.

Give us a call at (310) 880-4105

We'd love to speak with you!

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