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FLD System Pricing

Because no two properties are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fire mitigation, which is why we come out to your property to perform a consultation and on-site inspection before ever providing you with a quote. Depending on the size of your property and the difficulty of the terrain, system requirements and installation costs can vary greatly. But, in order to help you understand the system requirements and gauge what the costs might be on your property, we've put together a handy chart below which outlines typical pricing by property size.

Average Pricing by Property Size


Small Property

Requirements for a Small sized Property (up to .25 acres) may include:
• System Design

• DIY Installation

• XXX Pump + Cart
• 2x H110 Sprinklers

• 100' of 1.5" Attack Hose



Medium Property

Requirements for a Medium sized Property (up to 1 acre) may include:
• System Design

• Pro Installation

• XXX Pump + Cart
• 4x H110 Sprinklers

• 4x H150 Sprinklers

• 350' of 1.5" Attack Hose



Large Property

Requirements for a Large sized Property (up to 2.5 acres) may include:
• System Design

• Pro Installation

• XXX Pump + Cart

• 2x H270 Sprinklers
• 6x H150 Sprinklers

• 600' of 1.5" Attack Hose

• Water Cannon

• Remote Pump

• 250' of 1.5" Attack Hose


Maintenance Service Program

Like any other mechanical system, your FLD system requires regular maintenance and care. We recommend that maintenance and testing of your system is performed at least once every four (4) months to ensure that your system is fully operational and performs properly when fire strikes and you need it most.


Maintenance on your FLD system is as easy as it is to use and is a great opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the operation of your system throughout the year. With proper maintenance, your FLD system will provide you with a First Line of Defense against wildfires for decades to come.


While maintenance of your system is indeed simple to perform, we know life keeps you busy and maintenance can be just another headache - and NOT something you can afford to forget! That’s why we alternatively offer our clients a Maintenance Service Program and Extended Service Warranty, to ensure that your FLD system is in perfect working condition when the time comes. And, if we do find any issues with your system, such as leaks or mechanical issues, we’ll make all the necessary repairs, free of charge, and assist you in handling any rare warranty claims that you may encounter. Our maintenance program not only gives you peace-of-mind that your First Line Defense system is working when you need it, but also provides you with a second line of defense in the form of an Extended Service Warranty.

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