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Single Jacket Fire Hose Jumper 500 LB Test | Female-Female NH/NST


Our Single Jacket Fire Hose Jumpers (500 LB Test) are of premium quality. This fire hose is engineered to be abrasion resistant and impervious to mold / mildew for heavy-duty usage. This fire hose is designed to be easily deployed. It is built for prolonged storage and offers extended service life. All fire hose products provided by Rawhide Fire Hose meet or exceed NFPA 1961 standards. Note: All hoses should be inspected and tested per NFPA 1962 guidelines, provided the application falls under this jurisdiction.


Jacket Construction:

This Single Jacket Fire Hose 500 LB Test is comprised of a single jacket, woven evenly and free of defects, from spun polyester yarn offering superior strength and wear characteristics. The warp yarn is standard 100% polyester. The filler yarns are high strength, low elongation, filament type polyester, in order to reduce weight while increasing flexibility. In addition the jacket is processed with a treatment that helps to resist mold and mildew. This fire hose is available in white, red or yellow, as standard, with other colors available upon request. Standard lengths include 50’, 75’ and 100’, but these custom length jumpers, including 3', 5', 7', and 10', are perfect to use to connect the 1.5" attack line port on the manifold to your hard line system and remote manifold.



The rubber lining is a single ply, extruded, synthetic EPDM tube, compounded to resist ozone. The manufacturing process includes a vulcanization phase that bonds the lining to the outer jacket.


Pressure Ratings: (NFPA Pressure Definitions & Reference Chart)

250# Service Test Pressure
500# Proof Test Pressure
750# Burst Pressure





Temperature Range:

-40 degrees F to 180 degrees F

-40 degrees C to 82 degrees C


Special Characteristics:
Lightweight and easy to handle. Wear and length of service can be extended by maintaining fire hose assemblies. (The Complete Guide for Cleaning Fire Hoses)

1-1/2″ Single Jacket Fire Hose Jumper

  • Short length, single jacket fire hose jumpers. NH/NST Female-to-Female couplings. These custom length jumpers, including 3', 5', 7', and 10', are perfect to use to connect the 1.5" attack line port on the FLD system manifold to your hard-line system and remote manifold.

    Abrasion-resistant, heavy-duty single jacket fire hose provides the durability you need for applications requiring prolonged storage.

    Manufactured per NFPA 1961, Factory Mutual, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards, single jacket fire hose assemblies feature spun polyester yarn that offers superior strength and wear characteristics.

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