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These jumper-hoses are the supplied jumpers used to connect the manifold on your system pump to the PVC hardlines of your sprinkler system, and are included with the purchase and installation of your FLD system. If you are installing your FLD system yourself, or have incurred damage to your supplied jumper hoses and need a replacement, these are the jumpers we use and suggest. Available in 10' or 20' lengths.

3/4" ShortyPro UltraMax Jumper Hose

SKU: 284215376135191
Color: Blue
  • ShortyPro UltraMax Jumper-Hose:

    • Machined Brass Couplings
    • 3/4" NPT Male to 3/4" NPT Female Thread
    • Lightweight
    • Heavy-Duty
    • Flexible
    • Kink Free
    • Industrial
    • All Weather
    • 1200 psi
    • 300 psi working pressure
    • H75-S10
    • Available in 10' or 20' lengths.
    • Color: Blue
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