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Do FLD systems allow me to fight wildfires?

NO!!! Our systems are ONLY meant to be used preventatively and should NEVER be used by an operator to attempt to fight an active wildfire head-on.

First Line Defense systems do not provide you with the adequate knowledge, skills, tools or fitness necessary to be a qualified firefighter.

Our systems are your FIRST LINE of DEFENSE and are only intended to be used well before a wildfire approaches your property or an evacuation order has been given. Once an evacuation notice has been given for your address or zone, you MUST be ready to shut off your pump (and your propane tank, if necessary) and immediately evacuate.


NEVER stay behind after an evacuation notice has been given to try to fight a wildfire!!! Using our systems in any way other than as intended is extremely irresponsible and a severe threat to both your own life, as well as the lives of the firefighters and other first responders who are responsible for your rescue. Misusing our products may put you and everyone around you in grave danger!

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