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Are FLD systems Manual or Automated?

At the moment, our systems are manually controlled only and require that you start and stop the pump as well as control the delivery manifold manually during use. But, we’re working hard on developing an advanced system that can be programmed or controlled remotely, in case you are away from your property when wildfire strikes. But, don’t wait to install your First Line Defense! system! When our automated systems come online, all of our legacy systems will be capable of being retrofitted to include our new, automated features.

Are FLD systems powered by gasoline or propane?

Our standard systems are gasoline powered, but can be easily upgraded to accept propane as well. We recommend the added redundancy, reliability and flexibility that a dual fuel system offers.

Do FLD systems allow me to fight wildfires?

NO!!! Our systems are ONLY meant to be used preventatively and should NEVER be used by an operator to attempt to fight an active wildfire head-on.

How do First Line Defense systems work?

First Line Defense wildfire protection systems use your pool, pond or [other significant water source] to deliver between [x - y gpm : a large volume] of water to your property by way of powerful pumps which feed high-flow, strategically positioned sprinklers which saturate, hydrate and raise the overall humidity around the structures and foliage throughout the defensible space surrounding your property, as wildfires approach.

How easy are FLD systems to use?

First Line Defense systems are extremely easy to use and take less than five minutes to drop the suction hose into your pool, screw-on the hoses & jumpers, prime the pump, and start the engine to have water flowing throughout your property.

How much do FLD systems cost?

Because no two properties are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fire mitigation, which is why we come out to your property to perform a Consultation and On-Site Inspection before ever providing you with a quote. Depending on the size of your property, the difficulty of the terrain, and many other variables, system requirements and installation costs can vary widely. But, in order to help you understand the system requirements and gauge what the costs might be on your property, we've put together this handy Pricing Chart which outlines average pricing by property size.

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