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System Installation

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We are a full service company. Beyond providing you with system design and equipment sales, we also handle the full installation & maintenance of your First Line Defense fire protection system, Let our team of professionals handle the  installation and maintenance of your First Line Defense wildfire mitigation system. 


The Installation...

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System Installation

Our professional Teams of Installers have years of know-how living & working within the Santa Monica Mountains and we understand, first-hand, the unique challenges that you face, as a homeowner or property owner, coexisting in these harsh terrains.

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Final Walkthrough

After your FLD System has been installed, we'll schedule a Final On-Site Walkthrough with you to familiarize your with the use and layout of your new FLD wildfire mitigation system, as well as provide you with a System User's Manual which will contain a Survey including a mapping of your System Design, Product Manuals for the system components, and a Service Maintenance Log to help you keep track of your scheduled maintenance intervals.

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Warranty Info.

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