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System Sales

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Once the design of your system has been completed, we procure and provide you with all the components and accessories necessary to meet the requirements of your property. We're a proud reseller of Code3 products, MADE in California in the U.S.A.


Components + Procurement...

STEP 3.1

System Sales

Once the Design phase is complete and your Order has been finalized, we'll procure all the components and accessories necessary to begin the installation of your FLD wildfire mitigation system.

STEP 3.2

Delivery + Installation

If you choose to use our Installation Services, your entire FLD System will be delivered to your home/property, free of charge, by our Installation Team on, or before, the date of your scheduled System Installation. 

If you choose instead to simply purchase System Components with us and handle the installation yourself, we'll provide you with the tracking information for your components and they will drop ship to you via different carriers and on different dates, as they become available.

STEP 3.3

Warranty Info.

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